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Aromatherapy Humidifier - Colorful LED Lights

$26 Ex Tax: $26

Aromatherapy Humidifier - Colorful LED Lights, Modern Design, 300ml Water Tank, 10W, 180cm Power Cable, Essential Oil SupportKey Features...Colorful LED aromatherapy humidifier for a relaxing environment at homeComes with a large 300ml water tankMix the water with essential oils to enjoy fresh smell at any given momentEasy plug and play design comes with 180cm power cableAromatherapy Humidifier En..

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

$25 Ex Tax: $25

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker - Heartrate Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, Notificaions, Calls, IP67, 0.96 Inch DisplayKey Features...Keep your fitness plan on target with this smart bracelet`s Heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie counterIP67 waterproof and dustproof rating keeps it protected from dirt and water ingressSync with you Android or iOS device for calls and notifications direct to ..

Digital Laser Thermometer

$22 Ex Tax: $22

Advanced Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Laser Targeting and Emissivity AdjustmentAdvanced Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting/Emissivity Adjustment: with new added features and functions, this handy tool gives you accurate surface temperature readings in less than a second. This product is perfect for anyone needing to detect cold or heat leak in the house, look for the over..

DIY Beauty Mask Machine

$59 Ex Tax: $59

DIY Beauty Mask Machine - 90ml Water Tank, Deep Skin Treatment, Easy To Use, 3 Minute Fast ProductionKey Features...Simply create your own beauty masks with the press of a buttonSimple design produces a facial mask in just 3 minutes timeEnjoy a smooth and hydrated skin all day every dayOffers great treatment for acne, pimples, and dry skinDIY Beauty Mask Machine Easily create your own fruit and ve..

DX2  thermometer

$11 Ex Tax: $11

DX2 multi-function room, thermometer, hygrometer.At a Glance...Professional temperature and hygrometer comparisonTemperature measurement range: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius (14 to 122 Fahrenheit)Humidity measurement range: 10% to 99%RHPrecision temperature hygrometerDX2 backlight hygrometer with high quality backlight can be seen at night! One machine uses much time, temperature, humidity, black and ..

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

$19 Ex Tax: $19

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor- 0 kpa-3703 kpa Pressure Range, 40-160 Bpm, Portable Design, 2-Inch LCD Display, Data StorageKey Features...Wireless blood pressure monitor features a lightweight and compact designApplies a pressure of 0Kpa to 3703Kpa and reads 40-160 beats per minute pulse frequenciesPowered by four regular 1.5V AAA batteriesComes with a crisp 2-Inch backlit displayElectronic Bl..

Elephone ELE MGCOOL Band 2

$23 Ex Tax: $23

Elephone ELE MGCOOL Band 2 - Waterproof, HRM, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor, Call Reminder, 0.66-Inch DisplayKey Features...Reach your fitness goals in no time with the heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and pedometer intergraded into this beautiful sport watchSophisticated 0.66-Inch OLED display keeps you constantly up to date about your current health statusGet enough rest, recover..

Eye Massager

$52 Ex Tax: $52

Eye Massager - Air Pressure, Heat Compression, Vibration, Reduces Stress, Pressure, and Headache, 5 Modes, Nature SoundsKey Features...Eye massager uses air pressure, vibration, and heat compression to massage your eyesSwitches off automatically after each 15 minute sessionReduce stress, pressure, headache, and eye fatiguePlays relaxing nature sounds through its built-in speakerEye massager Are yo..

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

$17 Ex Tax: $17

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - 1.2 Inch OLED Display, Auto Power off, Low Voltage DisplayAt a Glance...Non-invasive Way To Monitor Pulse and Oxygen SaturationPowered by just two AAA Batteries1.2 Inch OLED Displays Continuous and Immediate readings at your fingertips.Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Used for monitoring pulse and blood oxygen levels this fingertip Pulse Oximeter is lightweight and easy to use r..

Healthy Waist Massager

$111 Ex Tax: $111

Healthy Waist Massager - Heat Conductor, Infrared Lights, Vibration Massage, Adjustable TemperatureKey Features...Heat conductor has high thermal conductivity to act as a carrier to rapidly transmit heat into internal of waist and hipAdjustable temp0erature frome 45 to 65 degree to fit your needHigh frequency vibrations offer a thorough massage to the joints to release stress and swellingsHealthy ..

iHealth Portable Smart Blood Glucose Meter

$31 Ex Tax: $31

iHealth Portable Smart Blood Glucose Meter - FDA, CFDA, + CE Approved, Key Features...Powerful iHealth smart blood glucose meter is FDA, CFDA and CE approvedWorks with the Yutang App for Android and iOS devicesQuick and easy to use plug into your smartphones 3.5mm headphone jackCompact design with dustproof cover makes it easy to slip in your pocket and take anywhereiHealth Portable Smart Blood Gl..

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

$14 Ex Tax: $14

Infrared Non Contact Body + Object Thermometer - Fahrenheit + Celsius, LCD Display, Store 32 Readings, 0.5 Seconds Sample RateAt a Glance...This Infrared Thermometer is the perfect hygienic way to take temperature readingsQuick to use, taking less than 0.5 seconds to take a readingDisplays in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with a large temperature rangeEasy to use with a large clear LCD backlit displ..

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